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sp. and Agardhiella Agardhiella truncatella, the shells of species of Orcula,. Milky ribbon worm Echinoderms Sclerodactyla briareus Brown sea cucumber Thyonella gemmate Green/common sea cucumber Algae Agardhiella sp. Agardhiella tunde.

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et sp., p. 437 (1834). Agardhiella tenera ( J. Ag.) Schm. — na 46.

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grown in different concentrations of NO − 3 . From left to right, pictures show the  spherical interphase nucleus of Agardhiella develops a sp erm um.

Kommissionens beslut EU 2019/701 av den 5 april 2019 om

Agardhiella sp

Agardh) Kraft et Wynne is a commonly collected erect, terete, alternately branched, fleshy red alga that is found both intertidally and subtidally in the western Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. The Atlantic red alga Agardhiella subulata has been described to produce novel oxylipin metabolites.

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Agardhiella sp

and A. serbica n.

Alle Arten werden durch Fotos und Zeichnungen abgebildet, ihre bisher bekannte Verbrei-tung auf Karten dargestellt.
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Es werden zwei neue Arten aus Albanien beschrieben: Agardhiella extravaganta n. sp.

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The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available Agardhiella.

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Agardhiella tunde. IMAGE. holotype of the Fairy snail (Agardhiella tunde) - description of the collection specimen. TEXT. Scutigera Glomeridesmus sp. IMAGE.

On Pterocladia (site 2), epiphytes are small tufts with erect filaments firmly attached to the host, which allows them to resist local hydrodynamic conditions. Agardhiella: Taxonomy navigation › Solieriaceae. All lower taxonomy nodes (4) Common name i-Synonym i-Other names i ›Agardhiella F.Schmitz, 1897: Rank i: GENUS: Lineage i › cellular organisms › datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas for this species..